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Cat. No. Product name CAS No.
DC11839 Org 25543

A potent, highly selective glycine transporter 1 (GlyT2) inhibitor with IC50 of 16 nM with negligible affinity for GlyT1..

DC11838 Org 25935

A potent, selective glycine transporter 1 (GlyT1) inhibitor with IC50 of 100 nM.

DC11840 ALX-1393

ALX-1393 (ALX 1393, ALX1393) is a potent, specific GlyT2 inhibitor with Ki of <1 uM.

DC8882 Bitopertin

Bitopertin, also known as RG1678, is a potent and selective inhibitor of GlyT1 with an EC50 of 30nM.

DC11035 GlyT1 inhibitor 46

GlyT1 inhibitor 46 is a novel potent, selective, orally available inhibitor of glycine transporter-1 (GlyT1) with IC50 of 38 and 21 nM for rat and human GlyT1, respectively.

DC11905 Opiranserin

Opiranserin (VVZ-149, VVZ-000149) is a potent, selective, mixed glycine GlyT2 transporter blocker (IC50= 0.86 uM), purine P2X3 receptor antagonist (IC50=0.87 uM) and serotonin 5-HT2A receptor antagonist (IC50=1.3 uM).

DC46392 N-Arachidonylglycine

N-Arachidonylglycine (NA-Gly), a carboxylic analog of the endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA), is a GPR18 agonist (EC50 = 44.5 nM). Unlike AEA, N-Arachidonylglycine has no activity at either CB1 or CB2 receptors. N-Arachidonylglycine inhibits GLYT2 (IC50 = 5.1 μM). N-Arachidonylglycine also is an effective activator of endometrial cell migration.

DC46952 Iclepertin

Iclepertin (BI-425809) is a potent, selective and orally active glycine transporter 1 (GlyT1) inhibitor. Iclepertin is inactive against GlyT2. Iclepertin can be used for Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia research.

DC70150 GSK 494581A

A potent, specific and mixed glycine transporter subtype 1 (GlyT1) inhibitor (pIC50=7.7) and GPR55 agonist (pEC50=6.5); shows no activity across a set of more than 200 validated molecular target assays from diverse classes, including kinases, proteases and other enzymes, GPCRs.

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